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Premium Success Team

Here is where you become a Premium Success Team Member. The Sky’s the Limit so "Welcome Aboard" on your journey to greater success.

This information is for Parents, Children, Young Adults and Grown Ups as well. 
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Thanks for visiting. Here’s a new powerful and proven program where you can learn the secrets to making your hopes and dreams come true. It’s very simple and very powerful.  Plus, It guarantees you will be more successful life, However you must want it and are willing to work for it.


For a limited time we are offering a 50% discount for Premium Membership. ONLY $149.95 instead of $299.95. You save $150.00 for openers.  Using our success programs, you will save or make far more than that as a Life Time Premium Member. 

It’s our Premium
Success Team program and we welcome every child, young adult and grownup anywhere in the world that wants a more successful future.

Being a member of the Premium Success Team will produce positive rewards that will last for the lifetime of everyone who follows the program.

Everyone should have a fair chance to succeed. Our goal is to make sure that
Premium Success Team members have a better than a fair chance to be more successful in life. The Golden Rule Society will share with you the success secrets, wisdom and guidance of the world's most successful people (called Guiding Lights), as they teach you how to be more successful in life and help make you the person you deserve to be..

Again, it’s a powerful program and those that follow the teachings will be more successful in life. Your “Guiding Lights” will be the success models for your lifetime as you accept the challenge and join the program. As a Premium Success Team Member, you will learn from all that these Guiding Lights have achieved in life, and profit from the challenges they faced and their secrets of how they overcame the same adversities each of you might face or have faced. You, as a Premium Success Team Member, will receive that guidance. It is your legacy from your Sponsor and our Guiding Lights. We want each Premium Success Team Member to be more successful. Again, the sky's the limit. For example, the seven Astronauts of Columbia STS-107 and 48 Governors are Honorary Guiding Lights plus many others.

It’s like having a big brother or a big sister...or maybe a ‘Dutch Aunt’ or ‘Dutch Uncle’ who cares about each Premium Success Team Member and their success in life. The Golden Rule Society will make sure you receive the educational, motivational, inspirational and character building challenges along with the ethical and moral teachings of successful Guiding Lights. The expectations will be high but the positive results and successes will be forever. Each Premium Success Team Member gets an initial package of study materials followed by short, periodic email messages challenging them and showing them how to make their life better because someone cares about them. Parents and guardians are eligible to receive a copy of each email. You will also receive a weekly character building lesson plus occasional video emails from successful people on the subjects of ethical and moral behavior. 

Being a Premium Success Team Member is just like being “First Class” in an airplane. It means you get more than others on your journey in life.

Every Sponsor (if applicable) is making an investment in you that will bring a lifetime of successes and good feelings. Everyone deserves a chance at those successes and will enjoy the fulfillment of their talents because we care about you and your future. Every Premium Success Team Member will enjoy the pride of accomplishment in their achievement of excellence. Every Sponsor will enjoy a lifetime of satisfaction and pride, sharing in the successes of every Premium Success Team Member in their journey on the right path in life.  

Premium Success Team Members receive hard copies of most items below. 

1. Captain Kaine's Prayer for World Peace. Pray softly but defend your freedoms.

2. A small desk top
American Flag that is reminder and symbol of liberty, justice and peace.

3. For the few who don't know, Red Skelton was a movie star and a TV comedian back in the 1950s. Here's his famous interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Click on this link to hear him:

4. The
Golden Rule Society's Action Plan for Living. It's a moral compass.

5. The
Golden Rule Society's Honor Pledge. It's a contract of conscience.

6. The
Golden Rule Society's Dollar Sized "Lucky Buck". Good wallet sized guidance.

7. The
Golden Rule Society's Action Plan for Business, guaranteed to increase any business. It works if you want it to work.

The Golden Rule Society's Two Dozen Dumb Things that people do to mess up their lives and the truths on how you can avoid making the same mistakes. It's great for kids...of all ages. It includes the Golden Rule as it is written in the books of the eight major religions in the world. If we learn it and live it, we’ll get closer to our goal of “Peace on Earth, with liberty and justice for all”.

9. The
Golden Rule Society's Goals, Philosophy & Challenge.

10. Captain Kaine's
Party Cake Recipe. (It's delicious)

Automatic membership in the Golden Rule Society where members get continual and additional benefits from a number of sources. 

Motivational and Inspirational E-mails which strengthens our guarantee that every Premium Success Team Member who follows the program will be more successful in life.

. Once a week you will receive a short message from the
Josephson Institute of Ethics called ‘Character Counts’. It's an education, which will help keep you plus anyone and everyone on the right path in life - These resources will help anyone to live up to the ethical expectations of family and friends. 

14. And, just for fun, visit the web site FreeComputerGames for the best variety of “family oriented", Egames on the Internet. Play practice games forever for free. You may also enter tournaments and receive prizes. Purchase tokens on-line to compete in the tournaments. It's family fun for everyone. Register and start playing right away. Enjoy and play for bragging rights with family and friends.

I must confess that being very busy with our charity work doesn’t leave me much time to play the Egames. But millions of people do play.

And by the way you can become a game owner and enjoy some extra income. 
Here’s some info from a leading Tax Pro about the benefits of a home based business...

15. You will receive a number of academic scholarship offers but just like in real life you must compete for them. 

Athletes aspiring for an athletic scholarship will receive Athletic Scholarship opportunities

17.  Periodic video briefings from some very successful people plus other nice surprises. 

18. The most important thing in your life is your health…without it everything else takes a back seat. To enjoy a healthier life style click  

19. A T-Shirt with the Golden Rule Society Wings on the left front. Be sure to order your size below.

20. A beautiful Golden Rule Society Lapel Pin.

21. A special DVD or a Book or an appropriate gift from the person or organization that referred you to the Golden Rule Society. If you have no referral, GRS will provide a meaningful gift for you. 
22. Totally free conference calling service. With our Instant, automated, simple to use program, you can have up to 250 callers on the conference. You and your callers are only responsible for the normal long distance charges. All that is required from you is an email address and name to receive your account. Get yours today.     

Again, you’re traveling First Class as a Premium Success Team Member.

These offers come to you through the
Golden Rule Society.
Along with your successes, your best reward is that wonderful feeling of making someone proud of you because they believed in you and encouraged you to a higher level of achievement.

Here’s a good tip: Encourage family members and friends to visit 
Be a Sponsor as a hint to sponsor you.
It’s one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever get from those who care for you. 

You, of course, will receive recognition from the
Golden Rule Society as a Premium Success Team Member, plus the appreciation and admiration of your own circle of family and friends.

Since 1972 the
Golden Rule Society has been helping Children, Churches and Charities in all 50 States and more than 15 other Countries. And, you can be a part of our efforts. If you have parental controls, please allow emails from this address:  
(To avoid spam the e-mail link has been set to text. Please just copy and paste the above text email address in your message.)

For your protection, we do not normally send attachments with our emails. Unless you receive a personal message in the email, please do not open those with an attachment. Keep your anti-virus program up to date.

All information
is kept strictly confidential.  

Fill in your Pledge & Sign in Form,  Congratulations on your wise choice and Welcome Aboard.

Here's your Pledge and Premium Member form (to honor an individual or people you respect.)  "I will dedicate my efforts to be more successful in life as I honor (Full Name(s) (“example” sponsor, parent, teacher, etc) with my efforts.
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 Special Gift List: (Alphabetically Shown)

Donald Auten Clark Howard Sarah Palin
Glenn Beck Mike Huckabee Dennis Prager
Anne Coulter Laura Ingraham Rick Roberts
Matt Drudge Ron Knott Michael Savage
Newt Gingrich Mark Levin Rick Warren
Bernard Goldberg Rush Limbaugh Oprah Winfrey
Roger Hedgecock Dick Morris William P. Young
Hugh Hewitt Bill O’Reilly
Enter your choice in the space below:
You will receive a free copy of his/her book or special gift. Or, enter GRS and we will provide a special gift.

Parents should know what their children are receiving to discuss the good advice they get. Sign up by clicking Parents & Privacy or its Nav. Button above.

ATTENTION: This program complies with the Federal Trade Commission’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of April 21, 2000 and specifically the Educational Exemptions therein. 

All these offers come from and through the Golden Rule Society, as we don’t share personal information with anyone. 

Please note: we have been doing our charity work since 1972 as a non-profit, IRC 501(c)3 tax-exempt, charitable corporation. We are non-paid volunteers. We do not receive government grant money. California Law allows us to solicit donations for the Sponsor Program, because the proceeds are used for beneficial and charitable purposes. It is how we help Children, Churches and Charities in all 50 States and more than 15 other Countries. Yes, you can be a part of our charitable efforts.

Remember, as a Premium Success Team Member you will get your rewards as listed above, plus so much more.

I'll always try to give you more than you expect. It's just my way of treating people in our Golden Rule Society.

Remember that the one-time donation of only $299.95 allows you to enjoy the success you deserve. Plus, the income opportunities we will provide you will earn you far more than the minimal donation. 

And, the money saving programs will keep more money in your pocket than the suggested donation. Most people call it an “investment in themselves”…the best kind to make. 

Do it today! Your family and friends will be proud of you. 
I’ll be proud of you too.

Thank you kindly. All information is strictly confidential. 

 As a courtesy to you good people coming aboard as Premium Success Team Members, we offer three easy choices… 
1. You may mail your charitable donation (check or money) order to: 

Golden Rule Society, Inc 
PO Box 711
Coronado CA 92178-0711 USA 

(Include your Pledge and Premium Member Form.)


2. Click the Make a Donation and use PayPal to  make a charitable donation. 


3. Click PayPal to donate using a credit card.

Some Rules and Regulations:  

Unless it is family, to comply with Federal Child Protection Laws, Premium Members will only know the First Name and home State of their Sponsor 

Unless it is family, the Sponsor  will only know the Premium Success Team Member’s First name and home State. We can not share any identifiable information. That is our policy and also the law.

Unless it is family, all contacts between the Premium Success Team Member's and the Sponsor must be through the Golden Rule Society . 

You are encouraged to tell others about our Premium program. 

We have high expectations of each Premium Success Team Member and will encourage high standards for participation.  Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.  

Sponsors and Premium Success Team Members will receive periodic progress reports about the program.  

Thank you kindly.  Good luck and God bless.


Captain Len Kaine , US Navy (retired), President

GRS Wings