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As president of the Golden Rule Society (GRS), it is my honor and pleasure to welcome you as a Sponsor for a Premium Success Team Member.
You have my sincere thanks and appreciation for your kindness to sponsor someone to their greater success in life. Please complete the requested information below.

Once we receive your sponsorship info, we’ll send a verification email to those you sponsor. If you prefer, we’ll select a willing and eager youngster as your Premium Member. We’d like you make the selection but as always, it’s your choice.

Please complete the Be A Sponsor Registration Form below.

Remember that you can be a Sponsor / Hero for as many Premium Members as your heart desires. A one-time donation of only $299.95 allows you to make a difference in the life of someone you admire or love.  For a limited time we are offering a 50% discount for Premium Membership. ONLY $149.95 instead of $299.95. You save $150.00.

Some nice folks make a periodic pledge. It's your choice of how many youngsters you would like to help.  GBU and thank you for your kindness.

Please remember that we will share the lessons of history’s most successful people on how to make the Premium Members hopes and dreams come true. And, my guarantee is that everyone who takes advantage of our program will be more successful in life. It’s as simple and as powerful as that.

Do it today! Your family and friends will be proud of you. I’ll be proud of you also.

Thank you. All information is strictly confidential

Please complete the Sponsor Registration Form below:

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As a courtesy to you good people that are sponsoring Premium Members or simply making a donation, we offer three easy choices… 
1. You may mail your charitable donation (check or money) order to: 

Golden Rule Society, Inc
PO Box 711
Coronado CA 92178-0711 USA


2. Click the PayPal and use PayPal to be a Sponsor  

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       3. Click Make a Donation to donate or while there use a credit card.

Some Rules and Regulations:  

Unless it is family, to comply with Federal Child Protection Laws, Premium Members will only know the First Name and home State of their Sponsor 

Unless the Sponsor designates the Premium Member, you will only know the Premium Member’s First name and home State. We can not share any identifiable information. That is our policy and also the law.

Unless it is family, all contacts between the Member and the Sponsor must be through the Golden Rule Society .  

Your health and the health of those you love is vitally important. Visit this wonderful and free Health Program at And, please tell others about our Premium program.

We have high expectations of each Premium Member and will encourage high standards for participation.  All are treated with dignity and respect.  

Sponsors and Premium Members will receive periodic progress reports about the program.  

Thank you kindly.  Here's to your greater success in life.
Good luck and God bless.
PS: Click Premium Success Team to see all that your Premium Members receive.


Captain Len Kaine , US Navy (retired), President

GRS Wings