The Golden Rule Society - A Charity Helping Children since 1972


Len Kaine receives a third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Len Kaine (L) receives the nomination from Scott Peters, US House of Representatives, California 52nd District.

Photo by Bill Sandke

1. Summary of Awards, Recognition and World Wide Activities of

Leonard Paul Kaine, USN-retired, Founder/President, Golden Rule Society

Kaine is a retired Naval Aviator Captain and a retired US Airways Airline Captain.  He has two Distinguished Flying Crosses, seven Air Medals plus a number of other Navy awards to his credit.

During his second career, as an airline pilot, Kaine founded and took the helm of the Golden Rule Society (GRS) in 1972.  His first major fund-raising program substantially benefited POW/MIA families.  Kaine has been at the epicenter of many highly successful programs and activities benefiting children in all 50 States and an increasing number of other countries.  His exuberance, innovation, and hard work have not gone unnoticed:

President's Volunteer Service Award; Gold Medal and Citation for his charity work--2005 

In 2006 "President's Life Time Achievement Award for Volunteer Service", as President of the Golden Rule Society.

The award was presented during the 50th Anniversary of the US Navy's Carrier Aviator Association in Reno Nevada (September 2006).

Senator John S. McCain, who pinned on the medal, was the guest speaker for over 3,350 attendees at this annual convention.

The U. S. Department of Veteran Affairs awarded him the 2010 Veteran of the Year for the Golden Rule Society.

It was one of eight awards from two Congressmen, a State Assemblywoman and four other Veterans Groups—2010 

Selected as a motivational speaker and oft-time host for weekday blog-talk radio broadcasts to many followers in the USA and 73 other countries, teaching the philosophy of the Golden Rule Society and helping to make it a better world--2011-2017 

Conducted a “Rebirth of America Program” and “Neighbors Uniting American Families” with the Reverend Jesse Epps, former partner of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The goal was endorsing the Golden Rule to benefit neighborhoods for peace and harmony throughout the USA and the world--2013-2014. 

Conducting a three part worldwide Golden Rule Society program that guarantees participants will be more successful in life by following the teachings of history’s most successful people.  The program is free to all participants—2006-2017.

Offering a free program which helps people afford needed medicines to stop pain and suffering for a healthier life—2013-2017.

Mr. Kaine was named Chairman of “Realty Pilot” a company helping all aspects of the entire real estate industry and people with all their housing and other real estate needs (nationwide and soon to be worldwide)—2013-2017. 

Along with that program, GRS Senior Advisor Mr. Roger Morgan, is working on a project to build more than 10,000 homes, along with providing fresh water and sanitation facilities, at or near all 20,000 schools and medical clinics in the country of Uganda and expanding to Sierra Leone—2012-2017.

Mr. Kaine researched and became affiliated with “Quantum Success Strategies” an organization that provided affordable health care coverage to the millions of Americans who lost their health coverage.  Any and all referral rewards he received went to help make it a better world.

Mr. Kaine also assumed leadership responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer of “San Diego Band of Brothers”, a corporation focused on helping veterans, citizens and businesses with their expansion needs.  It grew nationwide and expanded worldwide establishing peaceful programs in making for a better world--2013-2014. 

GRS Senior Advisor Dr. Joel Griffing, PhD and Dr. William Prouty, PhD each worked on and collaborated on expansion of programs which are helping America’s Veterans, rebuilding rural communities, and securing safe and healthy food and water supplies.   Dr. Griffing started on the East Coast and his program is moving across the country with support from the “Home Depot” stores. 2014-2017

As its president, Mr. Kaine’s Golden Rule Society was named the 'USA Charity of Choice’ to tell citizens of the American Hero Card which helped benefit the defenders of our peace and freedoms, our veterans and their families--2010 

Community Spirit Award from International Committee of Kiwanis International helping people worldwide--2003

Placed on the National Roll of Honor in Washington, D.C.--2002 

The US Commerce Association’s “Best of Coronado Award” for Charitable Institutions--2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, & 2015.

Hero Award" for his charity works from New Vision, Inc.--2001

Was a Contender for the "Extra Mile Award" in Washington D.C. (similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame)--2005 

Accolades and Letters of Commendation from 49 State Governors--2003 

Letter of Commendation from the Under Secretary of Defense (Director of Youth Activities)--2002 

“Thank You!” certificates from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Chief of Naval Operations--2002 

Multiple proclamations from the Mayor of Coronado, CA for Golden Rule Society Week (Annual 4th of July event) 

He’s been recognized by a number of local and national newspaper articles for Golden Rule Society’s many contributions.

Since 1972 Golden Rule Society has been supporting freedom’s defenders, our Troops, Veterans and their families…plus children, houses of worship, and charities nationwide and worldwide.

Mr. Kaine’s work continues. Never resting on a single achievement, never believing his work was complete, and his vision to make it a better world by improving the lives and opportunities of people throughout the world perseveres.
Here are highlights of the “Latest World Wide Activities” of Mr. Kaine: 

He is now personally involved with both the President & CEO of what will be the largest organization in the USA providing Solar Power to as many as 140 million homes... and growing worldwide. 

In the process of building shelters for the needy in Sierra Leone with solar power, safe water, sanitation, food gardens and security.

Supporting over 400,000 Licensed Medical Professionals along with Hospitals and Clinics in the USA with prospects of worldwide expansion.

He’s promoting a Medical solution to help stop as many as 22 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Veterans a day from committing suicide. 

Offering many other Doctors a powerful program to help them and their patients using the hereditary material in humans (DNA) with scientific procedures to prevent aggravating illnesses.

In the process of establishing solar powered homes for our Veterans and the needy in over 400 communities in the USA.

As Chairman of Realty Pilot Inc, who should soon to be named as the national “Housing of Urban Development's” Representative, they’ll be supporting over two million agents, as they help homeowners and the needy in the entire USA.

In recognizing the overlapping goals and objectives of Mr. Douglas Ivanovich, Founder & Chairman of World Peace One Foundation, of which Mr. Claes Nobel, grandnephew of Alfred Nobel, is a director, Mr. Kaine has pledged his and the Golden Rule Society’s full support to assist the World Peace One Foundation in their initiatives in Service to Peace, Humanity and the Earth.

The goal in 2017 is to create 10 to 12 Mega concerts raising money for a “World Wide Cause” to support the needy and to help make it a better world.


2. Golden Rule Society Advisors

Captain Leonard Paul Kaine, USN-retired, Founder / President.

He and all Senior Advisors are non-paid volunteers.

Current Advisors:


Captain Donald E. Auten

USN-retired, Author & Peace proponent

Director of public relation articles to media outlets.

Donates his book sale royalties to charity.


Mr. Richard Bailey

Mayor of Coronado, CA

Continuing 45 years of Mayoral tradition and support.     


Attorney John H. Barkley

Head of the Barkley Law Group
Every organization needs a legal expert to make sure all the laws are followed.
His expertise and guidance has enabled GRS to effectively continue the vital duties of a Non-Profit organization for 45 years.


Mr. Christian Broadwell

Founder / CEO Realty Pilot


Mr. Jim Bunch

Solar Powur CEO 


Mr. Alexander Candelario
President of Practice Interactive LLC
His ProCial Program is supporting the Medical Profession nationwide and soon to be worldwide. We are partnered with him in the Procial Program supporting more than 400,000 Licensed Medical Professionals (LMPs), who are using the proven scientific DNA procedures to save the lives of patients suffering from a myriad of medical problems.  We also have a proven lifesaving solution for patients suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental problems. and


Mr. Marek Chorvat

An international professional in computer technology is a 25 year veteran helping to continue our outreach to communities, churches and charities.  His work on creating and maintaining the GRS website and social media programs is exceptional.  He has helped GRS to positively touch millions of lives in the USA and worldwide.


Mr. Ken Delfino

Former Mayor of Colfax, CA, and a worldwide volunteer

He’s a disabled Navy combat veteran and patriot who chaired three International Committees for Kiwanis International.  He lives a life of service to others in helping preserve freedom and peace.


David Dubin, MD

Mental Health / Brain Trauma Specialist

Founder of “Clarity” a Direct Neurofeedback System.

He’s in the process of saving lives to help make it a better and more peaceful world.


Joel Griffing, PhD

Global Business Consultant & Coach, founder of the worldwide charity the “HOPE Collection”

He was an advisor to three US Presidents… Ronald Reagan, George Bush the elder and George Bush the younger. Even the leaders of the British Parliament sought and used his good guidance.

HOPE and GRS are having a positive impact on millions worldwide.


Admiral Tom Hayward

Chief of Naval Operations-retired (GRS Senior Advisor)

A true gentleman dedicated to world peace who was one of the most effective and admired “Leaders of the Navy”.


Brig Gen R.G. Head


A designated Hero, Author, Artist and Leader.


Mr. Douglas Ivanovich

Founder & Chairman of World Peace One Foundation...

Admired for his work “In Service to Peace, Humanity and the Earth”.


Anne E. Kaine

Vice President of GRS

Along with her many other volunteer services, received two nominations for the L’Oreal Corporation’s “Worldwide Woman of Worth Award”. She has been the proverbial “mover and shaker” in GRS and has taken center stage as one of the tacticians and innovators and is widely recognized for her many efforts in GRS's extraordinarily successful achievements which benefit children, churches and charities, nationwide and worldwide.


Leonard Kaine

Founder and President of the GRS

He was selected as one of two surviving heroes whose banner flew above the “Coronado Avenue of Heroes” honoring his many accomplishments during a career of more than a quarter of a century as a Naval Aviator Captain, with two Distinguished Flying Crosses, seven Air Medals plus a number of other Navy awards to his credit.  He’s also a retired US Airways Airline Captain with 29 years of service.


Captain Jim Kyle, J.D.

USMC-ret. Corporate Consultant and personal Advisor.


Mr. Roger Morgan

Founder/Chairman/CEO of SteelHeart International and world wide volunteer

He has providing on site personal assistance with a project to construct homes with solar power, safe water, hydroponics and sanitation for the people of Sierra Leone.  He did similar work in Uganda where, working with President Yoweri Museveni and his wife, the second phase of the plan is to provide safe water and sanitation throughout Uganda, by putting facilities at or near all 20,000 schools and medical clinics.

He’s thankful for the opportunity to pursue these projects as it will benefit more than a million people. 


Ronald Mueller, PhD

A tax specialist helping our nation’s Home Business Owners, who are the backbone of our economy.


Mr. Brian Roquemore

Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer of America’s All Stars

He’s reaching and helping “Kids and Country”.


Mr. Peter Tegel

USN-retired is an active community and church volunteer

His dedicated work of keeping GRS in touch with the world through the myriad of Internet programs is a godsend.


Mr. Brian Webster

President, Timber Creek Advisors LLC

He’s a best selling author and a motivational speaker teaching the value of peaceful approach in life, whose work is helping people to be more successful worldwide.


Mr. Franklin Wolfson


Among his many peaceful projects, he is involved in creative insurance solutions, which helps non-profit organizations stay viable and alive to continue their good works in serving the needy.

His goal is world peace through nationwide and worldwide trade.

People are usually peaceful with business friends.


Len Kaine, 
President Golden Rule Society, Inc