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In 1971, Airline Pilot Len Kaine received two electric razors for Christmas. Not needing both, Kaine told his passengers he would swap one of the razors for a product or service of greater value. He'd continue swapping until he got a prize valuable enough to raffle. He was hoping for a car or perhaps a horse. The winner would get the prize and the POW/MIA charities would get the cash. The $22.00 razor turned into a variety of prizes worth more than $15,000.00, which included a horse. Kaine said, "We went from a razor to a racehorse." And, almost $25,000.00 in cash was donated to the POW/MIA charities... Those were 1972 dollars.

"I decided to get legal and accounting help to form the Golden Rule Society as a charitable, non-profit corporation. With that kind of money and prizes, people were bound to ask where it was going," said Kaine. The non-paid volunteers handle all the required accounting and reporting to governmental agencies.

Since 1972, Kaine has periodically conducted his "Swap Shop in the Sky" (with variations) to benefit non-profit groups, churches and charities throughout the country.

We’re offering our newest FREE programs to every church, charity and legitimate non-profit group," said Kaine.

It's impossible to determine the amounts raised by other groups who used our fund raising programs. Donations went directly to those participating organizations.

The newest programs are very simple and profitable fund-raisers that will provide a continual income stream to the participating groups. "They'll do very well for themselves by doing good for others," said Kaine.

"Everybody wins because it benefits everyone involved," Kaine added.

For professional and safety reasons, no swapping was done in flight. Kaine explained the program before departure. Swapping was always done off the airplane. Almost all swaps were done on paper. "Swap Shop in the Sky" creates an interesting mental image of people carrying swappable "white elephants" on board to swap with Captain Kaine for the benefit of charities.

Through the years, he expanded the Golden Rule Society to include our Premium Success Team and our free GRS Success Team.  Parents, individuals, businesses and organizations can sponsor a child to become a Premium Success Team member.

Among many other benefits, each youngster receives a package of educational, inspirational and motivational materials as well as messages of encouragement and guidance. More than three million lives have been touched by the positive programs offered by the Golden Rule Society. 

Visit the Premium Success Team, our G3 Success Gang and Be a Sponsor.

The Golden Rule Society is led and managed by non-paid volunteers and 100% of the net funds raised by the organization go to non-profit beneficiaries.

PS To see our newest Fund Raising Programs click Non-Profit Organizations

Submitted: Ms Nori Watts, Volunteer Secretary


Captain Len Kaine, US Navy-retired, President