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G3 Success Gang

Hello ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls. Welcome to the fastest growing and soon to be world’s largest Gang.  
First a bit of "Shock & Awe"...Our G3 Success Gang members are learning the best way to
Lie, Cheat and Steal; Drink, Swear and Fight.

Now that I have your attention, Learn and Live these 6 rules: 
1… Lie down at night and thank God you live in a country where you have the freedoms and security so many served, fought and died to provide you.

2...  Cheat the devil by living the Golden Rule; That is, treat others the way you want to be treated, truthfully with dignity and respect.

3... Steal a few moments every day to help others, with good words and deeds.

4... Drink daily from the “Lord’s everlasting cup of kindness”; Be kind to all.

5... Swear that you will be a better person today than yesterday.  Make this the best day of your life and learn something new.    

6 Fight the good fight of faithfor peace on earth with liberty and justice for all.

Our philosophy is simple...
"To better the lives of others is your life's greatest reward...
which makes the rest of your life the best of your life."
 © GRS inc

What you do for yourself will only last your life-time.  The good you do for others may last forever.


Our G3 Success Gang is for winners. It takes determination to be a member. We teach people to be winners and winners to be bigger winners. You’ll learn how to earn extra income by helping others.

It takes no talent or effort to be a rebel without a cause and a loser. Just hang out, be cool and do nothing. It will happen and someday you’ll be a ‘shoulda bird’, saying I ‘shoulda’ joined the G3 Success Gang when I had the chance. So, click here to become a member . (
Clicking on this link will take you to the sign-up page.  You will start receiving acknowledgement of joining by e-mails shortly after submitting the completed form.) Fill in and send the short form. Do it Now! Your email triggers your membership and you'll get my response email with more info on how you can earn extra income to help you in our mutual efforts to get you an academic or an athletic scholarship. Our program benefits everyone and is free to all.

Once aboard, you’ll get a link to the “Two Dozen Dumb Things that people do to mess up their lives”. (Can you name just 2?) 

You’ll learn the truths on how to avoid the two dozen dumb things. Plus, you’ll get the Golden Rule as it’s written in the books of the world’s 8 major religions. 
Pick the one you like, then learn it and live it. 

When on board you’ll also get links to your personal “Action Plan for Living”, your “Action Plan for Business” and other surprise bonuses. 

As a member in Our G3 Success Gang, you'll get more, much more. As mentioned, we help our younger members get academic scholarships and sports scholarships.
I guarantee you will receive a number of academic scholarship offers but just like in real life you must compete for them.

I told you our G3 Success Gang is for winners of all ages plus any and all religions.  Share this with your family and friends.

You can quit anytime you like but it’s true that quitters never win and winners never quit. Your name and email are kept secret. The only people who will know about your membership are those you tell. But first, do you have the ‘right stuff' to wear our GRS Wings? If so, come aboard and prove it. Public schools and most colleges don’t teach the positive things you’ll learn in Our G3 Success Gang. Again, click here to become a member
(Clicking on this link will take you to the sign-up page.  You will start receiving acknowledgement of joining by e-mails shortly after submitting the completed form.) and send me the info on the short form. You’ll then get my response email with instructions on how to get the items mentioned above. Most are free. And, some of them are better than free. You’ll see why. Do it now to better your life and the lives of others. 

Here’s to your greater success in life.      


Captain Len Kaine US Navy-retired
G3 Success Gang Leader